Track Login History

The Login Log is used to track who logs into the system. It also provides detailed information about each login attempt. To access the Login Log:

  1. Navigate to Users from the Home page:
  2. Click Login Log from the left side menu.

Below are descriptions of the information displayed in each column:

  • Timestamp - The time in which a user attempts to log into the system.
  • User - The name of the user who logged in.
  • IP Addr - IP Address
  • Login - If the user logged in.
  • 2Factor - If the user logged in using two-factor authentication.
  • Logout - If the user logged out.
  • Lockedout - If the user was locked out of the system.
  • Error Msg - The error message displayed to the user (i.e. Invalid Password, Expired Password).
  • Proxy - Foundant Technologies employee proxy login.
  • Proxy Who - Name of the Foundant Technologies employee who accessed your site.
  • Region - The state where the login attempt took place.
  • Country - The country where the user was located at the time of login.
  • ISP - Internet Service Provider
  • Lat - Latitude
  • Long - Longitude 

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