Profile Is...*

Designating Profiles as Donors, Fund Advisors, Vendor, Customer, Grantee, Student, and/or Nonprofits

Written by Dana Kinsey

Last published at: July 21st, 2021

Profiles may be assigned one or more specific designations via profile attributes. The profile attribute options are as follows:

  • Donor - an individual, an organization, a household profile that has donated to your foundation
  • Fund Advisor - a Fund Holder who has one or more funds at your foundation
  • Vendor - a Profile that bills you and you pay them
  • Customer - a Profile that you bill and accept payment from
  • Grantee - a Profile that you pay a Grant to
  • Student - a Profile that you pay a Scholarship to
  • Nonprofit - an Organization Profile that you would like to list in your Nonprofit Directory

To tag a profile with one of these attributes, go to a specific profile record and select the applicable attribute in the left side menu. To add additional attributes to the profile, repeat this process until all desired attributes are added. 

Profile attribute assignments can be seen in the "Profile Is..." section of the Profile record. From this section, you may click the hyperlinked attribute to the record related to the specific designation.