Sync GLM Requests to CommunitySuite

Written by Nick Miles

Last published at: August 12th, 2021

To sync a GLM request with CommunitySuite, the request must have an Approved status in GLM. This means the request is housed in the Approved and/or All Open Approvals workload page within GLM. Please note that grants cannot be synced if they have payments associated with them. 

Requests can be synced from:

  • The Request Summary of an Approved grant, via the CSuite tab.
  • The All Open Approvals workload page by clicking the toggle to the right of the unsynced request.
    • The toggle color of an unsynced request is gray.
    • The toggle color of a sync request is green. 
    • A faded toggle means the Grant is locked and cannot be synced, or unsynced.

Once a request is synced you can unsync it up until the time the grant record is finalized in CommunitySuite. 

  • At this time, you will no longer have the option to edit grant installments. 

If for some reason you do need to edit the installment information, you will have to delete all records of the grant within CommunitySuite and unsync the request from GLM.