Send GLM Requests to the CSuite Grant Catalog

Written by Nick Miles

Last published at: July 19th, 2019
  1. After approving a request in GLM, navigate to the All Open Approvals workload page, and click the toggle to sync the request to CSuite.
  2. Click the Project Name to reach the Request Summary page.
  3. In the Award Details tab of the Request Summary page, click each Installment Form to expand the details.
  4. At the bottom of each installment form, click the thumbs up icon to approve the installment for payment in CSuite.
  5. In CommunitySuite, select Grants from the Home page.
  6. Select the GLM grant bucket and click the ID of the GLM grant request.
  7. Click Set Grantee and set the grantee.
  8. Click Set Fund and set the fund.
  9. Enter the Fund Name and click Set Fund.
  10. Click Create Grants.
  11. Navigate to the New grant bucket and select the ID of the GLM grant.
  12. Click Edit and select an active Grant Cycle from the drop-down.
    Once an active Grant Cycle is selected for a GLM grant, the Public Donations checkbox will be automatically set to Yes, funding will be removed from the grant, and the payment schedule will be set to $0 for all line items (which will also be reflected in GLM).

    Check out this article for more information about Grant Cycles.
  13. The grant will now appear in the Grant Catalog tab of the Online Donation page.
  14. Once the grant has been fully funded, you'll need to edit the pay schedule to reflect the grant Amount. Click Edit Pay Schedule.
  15. If the requested grant amount was met, enter the total Amount in the first line, then click Save.
  16. Click Post & Get Approval.

If the requested amount was not met, you will need to do the following (please speak with your CSM if you're unsure about any of the steps below).

  1. Remove all donations/funding from the grant in CommunitySuite.
  2. Un-sync the grant from GLM.
  3. Change the installment total in GLM to reflect the amount that was donated in the Grant Catalog.
  4. Re-sync the grant from GLM to CSuite.
  5. Apply the original funding to the grant in CommunitySuite.