Create Multifund SLM Scholarships

Written by Nick Miles

Last published at: December 14th, 2018

You can pay a SLM Scholarship from multiple Funds by using the Make MultiFund feature.

  1. Navigate to Scholarships from the Home page.
  2. In the Scholarship Buckets window at the top of the page, click SLM.
  3. Next, in the SLM Scholarship Import window, select the Scholarship Request ID number.
  4. Click the Make Multifund button from the left-side menu.
  5. If the Scholarship Recipient has not been set: 
    • Select the Set Student button from the left side menu.
    • Click Map/Create Grantees.
  6. Next, click Modify Amounts from the left-side menu.
  7. In the Installments window, enter the Amount and Payment date for each installment.
    • Please note that the total of all line items must equal the amount in the original Grant Request.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Select Set Scholarship from the left-side menu.
    • In the Installments window, enter the Scholarship associated with each line item.
    • Click Save.
  10. Once you're done modifying, click the Back button in the left-side menu.
  11. Click Create Award from the left-side menu.
  12. In the Recipient Payments window, set the School/Grantee for each installment, then click Post.