Available Cash Calculation

Written by Nick Miles

Last published at: September 25th, 2018

Available Cash is calculated by subtracting Outstanding Liabilities and Pending Grants from Available Assets. 

  • Outstanding Liabilities - defined as the current sum of liabilities in the fund.

  • Pending Grants - defined as the total of any recommended or pending grants on the fund that are unposted and waiting approval.

  • Available Assets - calculated by multiplying the balance in each Asset account by the Available For Cash percentage defined in the asset account.

    • For example, let’s assume that a Fund has these assets:

      • Checking Account: $1000 @ 100% Available Cash

      • Investment Pool: $1000 @75% Available Cash

      • Pledges Receivable: $2000 @ 0% Available Cash

The fund has a total of $4000 in assets, so the Available Assets would be $1750.