Create & Post an External Grant

Written by Nick Miles

Last published at: January 16th, 2020
  1. Select Grants from the Home page.
  2. Click Create.
  3. Search for a Grantee or click List and select from the list, then click Create.
  4. Enter the grant information and click Create.

    Grant Fields

    • Grant Date
    • Description
    • Grant Type (if applicable)
    • Amount
    • Conditional - checking this box indicates that the recipient must do something in order to receive the next installment. When the books are closed at the end of the year; installments that are marked as Conditional (Yes) will have the expense and the payable reversed at year end. The reversal is made in a separate fund, so your fund statements aren't changing throughout the year. This fund can be set in System Data -> Grant Options -> Conditional Payment Fund.
    • Public Donations - checking this box allows the public to donate to your grant from the grant catalog.
    • Summary - summary of the grant that will appear in the grant catalog.
    • Granting Fund
    • Anonymous Grant - requires administrative privileges to see the granting Fund.
  5. Select Add Funding.
  6. Fund the grant from one of three sources: the open assets of the granting fund, an internal grant from a different fund at your foundation, or from an individual donation.
  7. If needed, edit the pay schedule to create multiple installments, add or edit additional details, then click Post & Get Approval.

    If you're unable to click Post & Get Approval, you may need to run a charity check on the grantee.