Nonprofit Directory*

Written by Dana Kinsey

Last published at: May 1st, 2019

Your Community Foundation can create a Nonprofit Directory of the nonprofits your donors want to give to. The Nonprofit module allows you to develop an online Nonprofit Directory that lists and directly links to the nonprofits you work with. 

Your CommunitySuite powered online Donation Portal has a tab called Nonprofit Directory. Using your existing contacts you can compile a nonprofit directory of service organizations. The listings include contact information and mission statements and can help you connect donors, volunteers and those in need to organizations and services. The listings are organized in alphabetical order and by category. You will maintain the data, therefore if a nonprofit requests edits to their listing they will need to contact your foundation.

You should create and enter Categories to sort your Nonprofit Directory. It is helpful to create your categories before you add nonprofits to populate the directory.

  • Go to Nonprofit Directory from the home page under Non-Profit
  • Choose Categories from the left side of your screen to create nonprofit categories
  • Enter a Category name; such as Education
  • Choose the Create button
  • Continue this process until you have the different categories of nonprofits that you serve.

You will then add Nonprofits to your directory.