Account Actions*

Written by Reina Gallion

Last published at: May 1st, 2019

Access a specific account to view the details of that account plus the current balance of all funds that make up the assets or liabilities of the account.

  • Clicking on the hyperlinked amount in the Balance column for a specific Fund, will take you to the General Ledger and show you transactions in that Account for the current year. 
  • Clicking on the [transfer] link next to any Fund balance is how you can initiate a Transfer from the Fund's assets that are located in that Account.

Left Side Menu Options of Note: 

  • Transactions: will take you to the General Ledger to view all transactions for the Account for the current month.
  • Reconcile: Select to reconcile an Account  (see Bank Reconcile for more).
  • Trial Balance: shows you the Account balance for a specific date (See Trial Balance for more).
  • Ref Balance: this report shows transaction level references for accrual accounts - Grants Payable, Accounts Payable and Pledges Receivable (Advanced Accounting).
  • Graph Balance: allows you to pick a date range to get the overall balance for the account for each month. You can take the data then copy & paste into Excel to create a graph.
  • Checks: shortcut to Checks, visible only for the accounts that have checks
  • Add Fee/Interest: takes you to Vouchers where you can create a Statement Voucher for the Account.
  • Close Account: Allows you to close the account. If it is a default or required account the system will not let you close it.
  • Show / Hide Zero Balance Funds - shows Funds that are housed in the account, including those with a balance of zero.
  • Balance Swap: Redirects you to the Cash Balancing Fund where you can rebalance Fund balances from one account to another.
  • Attach File: Allows you to choose a file to attach to the Account record for future reference.