Account Transfers*

Written by Dana Kinsey

Last published at: March 26th, 2021

You can get to the account transfer page from two places in your system, either the Accounts or Funds page. Choose the Transfer Money option in the left side menu.

On the Transfer Money Between Accounts page

  • Select which Fund is transferring money
  • From which Account (eg. checking, investment account, etc.)
  • To which Account (eg. investment account, checking, etc.)
  • The actual Transfer Date
  • A Description of why the money is being transferred
  • The Amount being transferred
  • Select the Create Transfer Check check box only IF you need to generate a check to move the money - leave unchecked if it is an electronic transfer you are making
  • Choose the Transfer button when done

NOTE: If an Account is NOT showing in the "From Account" or "To Account" drop-down list, you will need to go to the Account, edit the Account and select the Manage Cash checkbox.

To view a history of fund transfers click Balance Swap in the left side menu of the Accounts page, then select Account Transfers in the left side menu. Physical transfers will be shown at the top of the page with transfers completed via Balance Swap listed at the bottom of the page.