Written by James Meyers

Last published at: April 19th, 2021


To make a payment via a NACHA file generated by CommunitySuite, ACH credentials must be entered for both the profile receiving the payment and for the bank account making the payment. After these credentials have been entered, the Electronic option must be selected for the payment option. Once the check has been posted, return to the check screen and select the Download NACHA File option. Once that option is selected, a text file generates that can be uploaded to a bank's website to initiate an ACH transfer. 

Setting Up an Account for NACHA Use

An account needs two items to be NACHA ready: a vendor assigned to the account and ACH credentials. 

  1.  Go to Accounts and select the Bank Account that is making the payment.
  2.  Click Edit.
  3.  Search for a vendor and click on their name in the dropdown, then click Save.
  4.  Click Configure next to ACH Account Settings. 
  5.  Select the Account Type, and enter the corresponding information into each of these fields and then click Save.

The NACHA Org ID and the NACHA Immediate Origin fields are optional.

If the fields are not set up, the system will take the EIN number from the System Data page. If the organization ID or the immediate origin number on the NACHA file is different than this EIN number, the fields will need to be set up to have the correct identifying numbers.

This account is now set up for NACHA File use with a Vendor and ACH Account settings. 

Setting Up a Vendor for NACHA Use

A vendor only needs ACH credentials to be set up for NACHA use. 

  1.  Go to Vendors and search for the vendor that is being paid. Click on their name from the dropdown list. 
  2.  Click on their profile name to go to the vendor's profile.
  3.  Click Configure next to ACH Settings.
  4.  Fill out the account information for the vendor and click Save.

This vendor is now set up for NACHA File use with ACH settings.

Download a NACHA File

Once the account and vendor receiving the payment are set up, the NACHA File is almost ready for download. The last item remaining is a payment being paid out to the vendor. The payment must be in an electronic format. Below, we will walk through the process on an example voucher being made out to the vendor. 

  1.  When creating the voucher, make sure that it is being made out to the correct vendor and expense account. 
  2.  Click Post.
  3.  Click Pay. 
  4.  Select the NACHA Payment Account and select a Payment Date in the future.

    Most banks will not accept same date ACH payments.

    We recommend you always select a payment date in the future to prevent any mistakes.

  5.  Select the item you are paying out, and click Next. 
  6. Select Elec as the payment option. 
      1. The payment option must be Electronic for NACHA File use.

  7. Once Elec has been selected, click Create Checks.
  8.  Click on the Check ID to go to the payment, and post it. 
  9.  Once the payment is posted, click List to return to the Checks page. From there, click Download NACHA File.

    10. Enter a Payment Date and click Export

A text file should have exported that can be used to upload to a bank's website and start an ACH transfer. 

If a NACHA File is exported twice in one day, this message will appear for the second export. 

This is to help mitigate any chances of duplicate NACHA Files being exported and submitted to a bank. If a duplicate file is submitted to a bank's website, there is a risk that payments may be double-charged to the ACH account. 

Example: If a NACHA File is exported in the morning and in the afternoon, any payments that were on both the morning and afternoon files may be submitted as duplicates, causing a double-charge.