Manual Admin Fees


Written by Sydney Henderson

Last published at: March 3rd, 2021

Manual Admin Fees are used to charge a one-time admin fee to the relevant fund. Rather than having an admin fee type on a fund and then running the admin fees, a community foundation can decide to do a manual admin fee.

The workflow for a manual admin fee is as follows:

  1.  Navigate to the Funds page.
  2. Click on the Fund ID of the desired fund.
  3. Click on Manual Admin Fee from the left-side menu. 
  4. Under Create Admin Fees:
    1. Enter a Post Date 
    2. Enter a Description of the Admin Fee being charged
    3. Enter the Amount for the Admin Fee
  5. Click Create.
  6. Review the admin fee to make any corrections.
  7. Select Post from the left-side menu to post the admin fee.

The manual admin fee can also be used as a refund. To use the manual admin fee as a refund you will need to put a negative amount for the admin fee.

If this is your first time running a manual admin fee as a refund, reach out to your CSM or Support.

Please note that there cannot be more than one admin fee run on a single day.