Updated July 29th, 2020 by Meredith Howard

Process a Refund for a Voucher

1. Navigate to the Vendor Record page and click Create  Refund from the left side menu. 2. Fill in the Refund Date.  3. Fill in the Refund Method.  4. Type a brief reason for the refund in Refund Description.  5. Choose the Refund Fund.  6. Finally, choose the Refund Expense Account. 7. Click Create.  8. Now, you’ve created the refund and there is a...

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Updated August 28th, 2020 by Meredith Howard

Designate a Primary Fund Advisor

Adding a primary fund advisor to a fund allows for additional reporting fields to be available in the custom financial reporting area. To designate a primary fund advisor to a fund: From the Fund Advisor page, select Set Tab Permissions from the left side menu. Click Assign By Fund.  Select the fund name. You will see a list of all advisors for the ...

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