Quick Transfer*

Written by Dana Kinsey

Last published at: May 9th, 2019

When you reconcile an Account you may discover that there are some transfers missing. To add a previous transfer that was not entered at the time of the transfer, you can do a Quick Transfer. 

Go to Quick Transfer below the list of Unreconciled transactions and Quick Voucher.

  • From Account has a drop-down list of your Chart of Accounts
  • Enter the actual Transfer Date
  • Choose the Fund that the transferred assets are associated with
  • Enter the amount transferred in the Debit Amount or the Credit Amount box
  • Choose the Create Transfer button

The direction of the transfer will depend on the action you are trying to resolve.

Generally, you will:

  • Use Debit to offset a negative balance
  • Use Credit to offset a positive balance or an overage

The transfer should reflect the amount and the date that you actually transferred assets. 

When done, refresh the page to see the transfer now available to reconcile, it should match your statement.