Batch Print Checks & Grant Letters

  1. Navigate to Checks from the Home page.
  2. Choose an Account.
  3. Select Checkrun from the left-side menu.
  4. In the Check Run window, select one of the following buttons:
    • Print Checks - Creates a PDF of all posted checks marked with Checkrun.
    • Print Grant Letters - Prints your Grant Letter template with each check.
    • Download Grant Letters - Downloads your Grant Letters as a Microsoft Word document.
    • Confirm and Post Printed Checks - Automatically numbers checks in chronological order. Numbering is based on the number you use for your first check.
      • To Confirm and Post Printed Checks:
        • In the First Check window, enter the number of your first check.
        • Click Next.
        • Verify the check numbers are correct and click Process at the bottom of the page.

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