Adjust for an Incorrect Physical Check

Written by Nick Miles

Last published at: April 1st, 2021


A check was printed with an incorrect dollar amount on the physical check.


There are three possible scenarios and solutions for this. Move forward with the solution that best fits your scenario:


  1. The check is still at at your foundation (i.e. in your possession and hasn't been mailed).
    • Solution: Void the check, and repay the voucher with the correct dollar amount.
  2. The check has already been mailed and you realize that you didn't pay the full amount; or if you don't want to void.
  3. You catch the mistake while reviewing the PDF of your checks before you've printed the actual physical check(s).

Void the Check

  1. Select the Posted Check Bucket and click the CheckID of the check you want to void.

    Click to Zoom
  2. Click Void.
    Click to Zoom
  3. Click Yes.
    Click to Zoom
  4. The voided check will now appear in the Voided Check Bucket.
    Click to Zoom
  5. Click the CheckID of the voided check.
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  6. The voided check should show two transactions (journal entries).
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    Do not delete any journal entries associated with the voided check. You will not be able to reconcile your bank statement if any of the associated journal entries are deleted.

  7. Click Edit to edit the Void Reason.
    Click to Z

Pay the Remaining Portion with a Second Payment

  1. Click Accounts Payable.
  2. Click the name of the Vendor
  3. Enter the remaining balance of the payment into the Apply Amount field, then click Next.
  4. Enter a Memo and click Create Checks
  5. Select the ID of the check.
  6. Click Add Manually.
  7.   Record the number of the second check and click Save.

    Once complete, review the checks to ensure that the combined amount of both checks equals the total amount of the voucher.

    Remove from Checkrun Batch, Delete, and Repay

    1. After reviewing the PDF and realizing that an incorrect amount was entered for one or more checks, click Back.
    2. Click Remove next to the check that needs to be removed from the batch and deleted. For this example, let's assume that the original amount on the voucher was $500, but only $50 was entered when paying the voucher. 
    3. Click Back.
    4. In the New bucket, select the ID of the check that you removed from the batch.
    5. Click Delete
    6. Click Yes to confirm delete.
    7. Click Pay to return to Accounts Payable and pay the full amount.
    8. Enter the Payment Account, Payment Date, then enter the full amount of the voucher, and click Next.
    9. Click Create Checks, then create a new batch, checkrun, and print the check(s).