Invoice a Customer*

Written by Dana Kinsey

Last published at: May 1st, 2019
  • Go to Customers from the Home page
  • Move your cursor into the Search Customers text box and start typing the name of the Customer, an auto-populated list will drop down and you can select your customer from this list
    • Or Choose List from the left-side menu to see all of your Customers from the Profiles page, select the ID number (eg. 3518) of the customer you want to invoice
  • From the Customer record, scroll down and select Create Invoice from the left-side menu, you will be redirected to the Invoices section of your software.

  • Enter the Invoice date, the Fund that will accept the payment, attach a File (optional) 
  • Fill out the Items section and list the items to be invoiced, such as room rental or training
    • Previous invoices will be listed in the Recent Invoices table that you can copy if needed by selecting [copy] from the right column
  • Pick Save when done

After reviewing the Invoice for accuracy, choose the red Post from the left menu to post it.

  • Pick Print from the left menu to generate the Invoice and print it or select Email to email the invoice as an attachment.