Written by James Meyers

Last published at: March 10th, 2021

Overview - Refunds

In CommunitySuite, there are several places where a refund may occur. When you are considering performing a refund on an item for your first time, we recommend you reach out to your CSM first to verify the best way to process this transaction.

Do not go into your payment processor and manually enter refund entries. CommunitySuite will not record these entries automatically. 


A grant that has had both a voucher and a check posted and paid, will have a refund option in the left hand menu.

To refund a grant, please refer to this article:


If a school returns funding, a scholarship refund is needed. 

To refund a scholarship, please refer to these articles:


Any customer or profile payment that is created is created as a payment applied to an open invoice. You will need to create a negative invoice for the profile to issue a refund.

To refund an invoice, please refer to this article: 

Manual Admin Fee

If this is your first time using a manual admin fee, please speak with your CSM or Support before proceeding. 

Manual Admin Fees can be used by a community foundation to issue a refund. To use the manual admin fee as a refund you will need to put a negative amount for the admin fee.

To learn more about manual admin fees, please refer to this article:


If you need to create a check to refund someone for purchasing tickets, you will need to refund the payment either fully or partially by creating a voucher. 

To process a refund for a voucher, please refer to these articles:

Credit Card Payment

If someone gave money to your foundation via credit card and you recorded it but now need to refund the money, you will need to refund the donation or payment. 

To refund a credit card payment, please refer to this article: