Written by Dana Kinsey

Last published at: May 1st, 2019

Refunds are an advanced accounting operation that you should discuss with your CSM to verify the best way to record these types of transactions.

How refunds work in CommunitySuite:

Any customer or profile payment that is created is created as a payment applied to an open invoice. You will need to delete the payment in order to make a refund. To do this you will open the invoice and delete the invoice before doing a refund or reimbursement.  In some cases, it is easier to simply do a negative invoice.

If someone gave money to your foundation via credit card and you recorded it but now need to refund the money, the workflow will generally look like this:

  • A customer or profile payment is created for a donation or a payment.
  • You will notice that there is no option for a refund - a refund is only possible if the Open Balance is over $0.
    •  To do a refund you would need to remove the donation by Unposting and Deleting it.
  • Now Refund Stripe option will appear. When you select Refund Stripe the system communicates the reversal with Stripe to return the funding and reverse the fees. 

DO NOT GO INTO STRIPE.COM AND DO MANUAL ENTRIES, they will not be recorded in CommunitySuite.