Written by Sydney Henderson

Last published at: March 10th, 2021


A reimbursement is cash received as a repayment. To process a reimbursement in CommunitySuite, you will need to create a voucher and choose the vendor you want to reimburse. 

The workflow for issuing a reimbursement is as follows:

  1. Navigate to the Vouchers page. 
  2. Click Create on the left side menu. 
  3. Choose the vendor to reimburse by name or Click [show list] to see the options.
  4. Enter the Voucher Date, the Fund the voucher will be paid from, Reference Number, and Due Date.  
    • Optional:  
      • Attachments can be added to hold a copy of the invoice or related documentation.
      • Reduce Spendable: If checked, the voucher will be paid from the associated fund's spendable balance as long as default restrictions are set.
  5. Enter the Expense Account, Description, Quantity, and Unit Cost.
  6. Click Save 
  7. Click Post on the left side menu. 
  8. Click Pay
  9. Choose the Payment Account and Payment Date
  10. Click the checkbox to the right of the open voucher. 
  11. Click Next.
  12. Choose either Check Run or Elec depending on if you want printed checks or an electronic transfer.
  13. Review the check(s) then click Create Checks.
  14. The last step is to approve the check payment(s).

The workflow to approve check payments is in this article: 

Please reach out to your CSM or Support if you have any questions regarding reimbursements.