Grant Catalog Overview

Written by Nick Miles

Last published at: May 18th, 2020

The Grant Catalog is a feature that facilitates crowdfunding, co-funding, and other funding needs for Nonprofits. The Grant Catalog allows Fund Advisors and the public to donate to a specified list of funding requests.

The Grant Catalog is visible from the Donor Portal and Online Donations webpages or via a private link. This page is open to the public by default but can be hidden as needed. All donations are made to the Foundation, which then makes grants to the nonprofits. 

Grant Catalog Setup

To set up your Grant Catalog, you must create a Grant Cycle. A Grant Cycle is used to configure how a Grant Catalog functions and displays online. The Grant Cycle defines the dates that the Grant Catalog will be available for Grant Requests and Donations.

Once you’ve created a Grant Cycle, edit the Grant Cycle details

  • Four text boxes (Request Header Text, Request Create Header Text, Request Submitted, and Header Text) are highly customizable and HTML supported.

  • You must create at least one (1) grant category. Consider aligning these categories with your Grant Type Interest menu.

Once you've created a Grant Cycle, you can find the link to your Grant Catalog at the top of the Grants page:

Setup Grantees & Accept Grant Applications

If you are inviting Grantees to apply for funding via the Grant Request page, follow the Grantee Application Process. This process outlines how grantee records should be set up in CSuite, and how a grantee submits an application for Grant Catalog inclusion.

Populate Grant Catalog

You can populate grant catalog four ways:

  1. Open an online grant application for grantees by sending the URL to your grantees. 

  2. Attach a fund to the grant cycle. 

  3. Manually create a grant request for a Nonprofit.

    • From Grants, Create a grant and check Public Donations. Once you’ve saved the grant you can edit it and assign a Grant Cycle and Grant Category.

  4. Populate from grants created in GLM.

Approve & Reject Grantee Funding Requests

After grantees submit funding requests, the grant request needs to be processed. Grant requests can be approved or rejected one at a time or in bulk. They can also be edited. 

Remember that once a request is approved, and you wish to make changes, you will have to change the information in both places - the original Grant Request and the actual Grant to be paid. 

If you would like to unapprove a request, scroll down the New Grants list to Needs Additional Funding, select the Grant ID# then choose Un-approve Request from the left menu and it will return to the Catalog bucket and will no longer show up on your Grant Catalog. 

Accept Donations

Now that you’ve added or approved funding opportunities and specified Grant Cycle Dates, you can start taking donations through the Grant Catalog.

You can:

Close the Grant Cycle

After midnight on the Catalog End Date, the Grant Cycle needs to be closed. Fully funded grants need to be approved and underfunded grants need to have their requested amounts edited, or they need additional funds added.

Inform Donors Grant Catalog is Closed

Once the Grant Catalog is closed, customize text to inform donors it’s closed and guide them to other giving opportunities.

Go to System Data → Content from the left sidebar → find the grant_catalog_closed text box (if it is not visible, click Add and select Grant Catalog Closed) → Edit from the left sidebar

Enter your text in the HTML enabled text box. 

  • Example: Thank you for visiting our Grant Catalog! Our Annual Grant program has closed. If you would like to donate to a fund, click on "Donate to a Fund" tab. Contact us if you have questions. Thank you! 

Scroll down and click the Update button when done entering or editing text.

This text box will display on your Grant Catalog until the next Grant Cycle is open. The Grant Catalog Closed text will be replaced with your Grant Catalog Header text when the catalog is live.

Report Grant Cycle Results

Run a report to see funding results and funders.

Video Overview

Click HERE for a video overview of the Grant Catalog. Though this focuses on COVID-19 response funding, the functionality for other Grant Catalogs is the same.