Grant Catalog Application Request

Written by Nick Miles

Last published at: January 10th, 2020

Grantees can use the online Nonprofit Grant Request Application page to request funding for their projects. 

Required for a Grantee to be able to make a Grant Request:

  • The Grantee must have a Profile in the system 
  • The Profile must be made a Grantee
  • The Grantee record needs to have with Public Requests checkbox checked

When you create a "Grant Cycle" for a Grants Catalog you will see that you need to also set up the timeframe that you will accept Grant Requests

A Grant Request is made when your Grantees are invited by you to go online and make a "Grant Request" during the specific time frame.

Each grantee may apply for consideration by filling out the online Grant Request form. The link to the online application can be found in the Grants section under the Catalog Tab - the URL will look like this

  • Go to Grants from the Home page
  • Select the Catalog tab from the Grant Buckets selections
  • The URL link is at the top of the page above the Grant Catalog Request table

When the Grant Cycle is active you can copy this link and paste it on your website or send it via email to your grantees so they may login and apply.

For the URL to lead to grant requests for your current Grant Cycle, make sure there are no other Grant Cycles with Request Start and Request End dates that overlap your current Grant Cycle.