Editing or Adding Missing Grant Catalog Donations*

Written by Reina Gallion

Last published at: May 1st, 2019

Fund Advisors may think they are donating to a Grant Catalog item but instead give a grant to another foundation fund, thus the donation is not tagged correctly. 

There is an easy way to fix this.

  • From the Home page, go to Donations
  • Pick the transaction ID # in question
  • Find Grant Cycle and pick [edit]
  • Choose the correct Grant Cycle
  • Pick the Save button

Next, note which Grant Request is named in the Description (if available) - you may need to contact the donor to clarify

  • Select [apply] in Donation Destinations table
  • Type in the amount to apply to the active grant request(s) in your Grant Catalog
  • Pick the Apply Donation button at the very bottom of the page

Now the donation should show up in the grant cycle and be attributed to the correct grant. Repeat this procedure as needed.

Remind your Fund Advisors to Donate through the Grant Catalog page which is found on their Donor Portal under the Grant Catalog tab.