Grantee Application Process*

Written by Dana Kinsey

Last published at: March 4th, 2021

The following is Required for a Grantee to make an application for inclusion into your Grant Catalog:

  • The Grantee must have a Profile in CommunitySuite
  • The Profile must have a  Grantee designation
  • The Grantee record needs to have the Public Requests checkbox checked

The application process begins when your Grantees are invited by you to go online and fill out the Grant Catalog Application Form. The dates that they can apply will vary based on the specific time frame you defined when you created the Grant Cycle.

Each grantee may apply for consideration by filling out the online Grant Request form. The link to the online application can be found in the Grants section under the Catalog Tab. When the Grant Cycle is active you can copy this link and paste it on your website or send it via email to your grantees so they may login and apply for grant funding.

Once your grantee clicks the URL they can select their organization name and they can fill out the following content areas in the online Grant Request form:

  • Organization
  • Short Description (only 65 characters long)
  • Long Description
  • Amount
  • Photo file (must be 300 X 300px)
  • Organization Website
  • Contact Name, Email and Phone
  • Plus a place to upload a PDF document - this is usually an application or financial data or other items you request of your grant applicants

 Once these fields have been completed, the grantee can click Next to review and submit their request.

After submission, the request for funding will be available for review and approval by your foundation staff and may be moved forward for inclusion in the online Grant Catalog. 

Below is a sample application form.