Processing Grantee Funding Requests for the Grant Catalog*

Written by Reina Gallion

Last published at: May 1st, 2019

Once the Grantee fills out the Nonprofit Grant Application Form with their Grant Request Information, their submission will automatically show within CommunitySuite’s Grants section under the "Catalog" bucket. Within the catalog bucket, you can access pending requests to edit, accept or deny them.

When a Grant Catalog funding request is made, it comes in with a variety of information. You can edit the amount requested plus other data. It is best if this is done before approval. 

All Accepted Grant Requests from Grantees will populate in your Grant Catalog.

Note: DO NOT add funding or pay the grant - each grant or funding request will appear in Grants section and will be under the heading NEED ADDITIONAL FUNDING.

Individual Grant Request Review - Accepting/Rejecting individual requests

  • From the Grant Catalog bucket
  • Choose the Grant ID # of the grant request to be accepted or rejected for inclusion in the Grant Catalog Grant Cycle
  • Select the Accept or Reject button from the left side of the screen
  • Pick the Fund that will create the grant and the Grant Category it will be placed under in the catalog
  • Select the Approve button

Bulk Grant Request Approval - Accepting/Rejecting requests in bulk

  • While in the Grants "Catalog" bucket area you will see Grants that need to be approved or rejected listed here
  • Choose Accept on the left
  • Pick the Fund that will create grants for all of the Approved Requests
  • Go down the list of Grant Requests and only choose a category from the right-hand drop-down list for the grants you plan to approve
  • Then pick the Approve Requests with Categories Defined button at the button