Create and Post a Donation


Written by Nick Miles

Last published at: October 4th, 2019
  1. Select Donations from the Home page.
  2. Click Create.
  3. Search for a profile or click [show list] to select from a list.
  4. Enter donation details.

    At a minimum, you must enter the Amount, Fund, and Date.

    • Donation Date
    • Donor Address
    • Donor Zipcode
    • Anonymous - check the box to make the Donor anonymous
    • Recognition Name - recognize the Donor with a name that's different than their Donor name. The Recognition Name is only associated with this contribution.
    • Donation Type - examples: Contributions (donations), Program Revenue (tickets) or Public Grant (grant funding).
    • Amount - the amount of money donated (integers only eg. 100, 2000.50)*
    • Spendable - check the box to have the Donation applied to the Spendable Amount for the Fund.
    • Grant Cycle - if applicable, select a Grant Cycle if the donation is part of a Grant Catalog campaign (this only appears if you created a Grant Cycle).
    • Payment Method - how the Donation was paid.
      • Enter a Check number (if applicable).
      • If Public Security is selected, enter a Stock Deposit Account.
    • Destination Fund - the Fund receiving the Donation. 
    • Description - if the donation is stock, itemize the number of shares of which type of stock (this information is used for the tax receipt).
    • Campaign - select a Campaign if the Donation is associated with an event or campaign.
    • Service Area - choose a Service Area (optional) to indicate the location of impact.
    • Custom Message 
    • Need Thankyou - check the box for Need Thankyou to receive a list of donors who should get a handwritten note or special recognition.Optional item: Select a Tribute from your Existing Tributes or Create a new Tribute, if none, select No Tribute.
    • No Donation Serial Number - checking this box will exclude the donation from serial numbers when printing a tax receipt.
      • This feature is only applicable if Donation Serial Numbers are turned on in System Data -> Site Data -> Donation Options.
  5. Click Process.
  6. Review the donation and click Post.
  7. Click Tax Receipt to email or print a tax receipt.