Split Donations

Written by Nick Miles

Last published at: June 12th, 2019

CommunitySuite allows you to split a donation between multiple Funds. This process should be followed for split contributions, split donations or split deposits (the Donation amount is split between two or more Funds). You can accept a donation via Stripe, check, cash, stock, etc. and have one payment to go towards either a non-tax deductible item (such as a ticket) and a deductible donation. The software will generate a donation tax receipt that acknowledges the deductible amount and the non-deductible portion of a split contribution (if applicable). This functionality is especially useful for ticket sales and events such as Auctions.

  1. Navigate to Payments from the Home page.
  2. Enter the name of the Profile that's giving the contribution.
  3. In the Create Payment window, enter the:
    • Payment Date
    • Payment Method
    • Amount - Enter the entire amount of the Donation.
    • Check Number (if applicable)
    • Fund - Choose one Destination Fund (you will pick a second Destination Fund later).
    • Note 
  4. Click Create

To split the Profile Payment:

  1. Select Create Donation from the left-side menu. 
  2. Edit the Donation Type (if applicable).
  3. Update the Donation Amount to reflect the Donor's request.
  4. Enter the second Destination Fund.
    • If the Donation applies to the Spendable Balance, check the box next to Apply to Spendable.
    • Add a Description to describe the Split Donation. 
  5. Click the Process button.

The Donation will now show an Open Balance in the Profile Payment for the remaining portion of the original Donation amount. 

To apply the Open Balance and complete the Donation Split:

  1. Within the Donation window, click on the blue Profile Payment ID to the right of Profile Payment. 
  2. In the Profile Payment window, select Create Donation, Create Invoice or Apply To Invoice.
    • For the purposes of this tutorial, we'll click Add Donation.
      • The Amount will pre-populate with the remainder of the contribution. 
  3. Enter the second Destination Fund.
    • Add a Donation type and Description if applicable.
  4. Click Process.

The entire contribution will now be split and applied.