Import Donations

Written by Nick Miles

Last published at: January 16th, 2020

Import historical, and legacy donations (from a previous system), into CommunitySuite.

  1. Select Donations from the Home page.
  2. Click Import Donations.
  3. In the CSV File Format and Examples window, click Download Template, and a .csv template will download to your computer's Downloads folder.

    Review the File Format Notes before proceeding.

  4. Open the import donation template, enter the donation data that you want to import, then save the the template to your computer.

    If a donation(s) is historical, make sure to enter the letter Y into the historical field.

    When saving the donation import template, give the template a new name.

  5. The CSV File Format and Examples window shows how each field within the donation import template should be formatted. Refer to this when adding donation data to the template.
  6. Select Choose File, then locate and open the .csv file containing your donation data (that you saved in step 5).
  7. Next to Payment Method, select how the donations were paid.

    If donations were made with a credit card, select Other Payment.

  8. Check or uncheck the box next to Create Profile on Conflict. If the box is checked, a new profile will be created if fields from the imported .csv file conflict with existing fields in CommunitySuite.
  9. Check or uncheck the box next to Update Existing Profiles. If the box is checked, and the same profile ID exists in both the .csv file and CommunitySuite, CommunitySuite will update the existing profile with additional data from .csv file.
  10. Click a radio button to determine whether or not the donations auto-post when imported.
  11. Click Process.