Recurring Donations

Written by Nick Miles

Last published at: August 27th, 2020
  1. Navigate to the donor's Profile.
    • If they do not have a Donor profile designation, select Make Donor from the left-side menu.
  2. Click Add Recurring Donation from the left-side menu.
  3. In the Add Recurring Donation window, complete all applicable fields (* = required):
    • Anonymous - check the box if the donor wants to remain anonymous to fund advisors in the Donor Portal.
    • Amount*
    • Description*
    • Start Date* - this is the date when the donor want's their recurring gift to start.
    • End Date* - this is the date when the donor wants their recurring gift to end.
    • Donation Interval*
    • Apply To Spendable - check the box to apply the recurring donation to your spendable balance.
    • Destination Fund*
    • Campaign
  4. Click Next.
  5. Select Add Credit Card from the left-side menu.
  6. Click the blue Enter Creditcard Information button in the upper-left corner of the screen.
    • Enter the Donor's credit card information and click Save Card.
  7. Click Post from the left-side menu.
    • This will save the Donor's credit card information in Stripe. 
    • Error messages during positing are usually due to:
      • No email (or incorrect email) on the Donors Profile.
      • An issue with the credit card on file.


  • If the donor has a valid email address listed in their profile, CommunitySuite will automatically send a tax receipt when a recurring donation is processed.
  • The recurring donation will run (but not post) automatically based on the start date and donation interval. 
  • The Donor Record contains a link (next to the Saved Credit Card field) that will redirect you to the donor's credit card transactions within Stripe.
  • To enable recurring donations for the Online Donations page, check the box next to Public Recurring Donations within System Data.
  • Edit a recurring donation to split the total amount from each donation among different funds, change or add a campaign, and set the next date that a donation with process.