Create & Post a Donation

Written by Nick Miles

Last published at: August 2nd, 2021
  1. Select Donations from the Home page.
  2. Click Create.
  3. Search for a profile or click [show list] to select from a list.
  4. Enter donation details.

    At a minimum, you must enter the Amount, Fund, and Date.

    • Donation Date
    • Donor Address
    • Donor Zipcode
    • Anonymous - check the box to make the Donor anonymous
    • Recognition Name - recognize the Donor with a name that's different than their Donor name. The Recognition Name is only associated with this contribution.
    • Donation Type - examples: Contributions (donations), Program Revenue (tickets) or Public Grant (grant funding).
    • Amount - the amount of money donated (integers only eg. 100, 2000.50)*
    • Spendable - check the box to have the Donation applied to the Spendable Amount for the Fund.
    • Grant Cycle - if applicable, select a Grant Cycle if the donation is part of a Grant Catalog campaign (this only appears if you created a Grant Cycle).
    • Payment Method - how the Donation was paid.
      • Enter a Check number (if applicable).
      • If Public Security is selected, enter a Stock Deposit Account.
    • Destination Fund - the Fund receiving the Donation. 
    • Description - if the donation is stock, itemize the number of shares of which type of stock (this information is used for the tax receipt).
    • Campaign - select a Campaign if the Donation is associated with an event or campaign.
    • Service Area - choose a Service Area (optional) to indicate the location of impact.
    • Custom Message 
    • Need Thankyou - if the box is checked the donation will be added to the Thankyous section- indicating that a Thankyou (tax receipt) letter needs to be sent to the donor.
    • Receipt Template - if the field is left blank, the system will use your default donation letter template when generating a donation tax receipt. However, if you have multiple donation letter templates and select one from the drop-down, the selected template will override the default template for the specific donation. This feature is only applicable to foundations that have enabled Donation Templates (in System Data), and created at least donation templates. 
    • Optional item: Select a Tribute from your Existing Tributes or Create a new Tribute, if none, select No Tribute.
    • No Donation Serial Number - checking this box will exclude the donation from serial numbers when printing a tax receipt.
      • This feature is only applicable if Donation Serial Numbers are turned on in System Data -> Site Data -> Donation Options.

    The private field on funds (shown below) makes the fund not available on the public donation portal and it does not affect entering donations in CommunitySuite. However, funds marked private will not be able to have a campaign with tickets. 

  5. Click Process.
  6. Review the donation and click Post.
  7. If the profile that donated is associated with an open opportunity, click Link to link the donation with the open opportunity.

    The option to link a donation with an opportunity will only display if the donation has been posted. If the donation is unposted, the opportunity will be un-linked from the donation.

  8. Click Tax Receipt to email or print a tax receipt.

    If you've enabled and configured donation templates in System Data, the system will generate your tax receipts from the templates. However, if donation letter templates are disabled in System Data, the system will generate from relevant donation fields in Site Custom Content.