Create a Donor*

Written by Dana Kinsey

Last published at: May 1st, 2019

You must first create a Profile and then tag that contact as a Donor.

Make Donor allows you to tag a Profile as a Donor. 

  • Go to Donors (under the Nonprofits column)
  • Select Create from the left side menu

This action will take you to Profiles. Profiles contain the basic name and address information.

Be sure to search Profiles to make sure the individual / household / organization is not already in your system. Do this by entering the name in the Search Profile box. 

  • If the name is already a Profile, select it and choose "Make Donor" from the left
  • If the name is not found, create a new Profile.

You must determine if the new donor is an Individual or if they give as a Household or if the donor is an Organization. You can always create an Individual and link them to a Household or link them to an Organization.

  • Select Create from the left menu in Profiles to create a new Profile, you can choose one of three options.
    • Create as an Individual
      • Enter First name and Last name, eg. Sam Gomez,  OR
    •  Create as a Household 
      •  Enter the name for a Household, eg. Yvonne and Harry Allen OR
    •  Create as an Organization
      • Enter the organization name, eg. ASPCA

  • Continue with the Profile details
  • Select Save when you are finished