Edit a Donor*

Written by Dana Kinsey

Last published at: April 23rd, 2021

In order to update or change contact information related to a Donor, you will need to edit their Donor record or their Profile.

  • Go to Donors (under Nonprofits column on the Home page)
  • Type the name of the Donor in the Search Donor textbox
  • Select Edit Profile from the left-hand side of the screen
  • This takes you to the Donor's Profile

Within the Profile page of a Donor you can make several edits such as Label a Donor as Anonymous, Label the Donor as Deceased or edit the Prefix, First, Middle and/or Last Name, Address, Phone, Email, etc. Within the Profile record of a Donor, you can assign or remove Profile Types and you may also add or remove one or more areas of interest listed under Grant Type Interest

Scroll down the Donor's Profile to the Profile Is section and choose the hyperlinked word Donor to get to the Donor's page. There is a Donor page for each Donor and it shows their donation history plus events and campaigns they have been invited to and that they have attended. 

The Donor page offers the following options for editing or adding Donor information:

  • Addnote - add a note to the donor record
  • Attach File - upload documents associated with the donor
  • Add Fund Prospect - list of all your Funds you can select to categorize the Donor as interested in it
  • Link To Fund - list of all your Funds you can select to Link the Donor to that Fund
  • Invite To Campaign - lists your Campaigns (Events), if you select an event, the donor will be added to the invite list - you will still need to go into Campaigns to manage the invite list
  • Add Donation - add a donation from that donor - you will need the date, the amount, the payment method and the Fund the donor is giving to
  • Add Recurring Donation - add a recurring donation from that donor - you will need the amount, the payment method, the donation interval and the Fund they are giving to
  • Add Pledge - add a pledge from the donor. You will need the Destination Fund, the Amount, the First Payment Date and the Payment Frequency
  • Yearly Tax Receipt - create an end of the year tax receipt that shows all of the donor’s charitable giving (create a template in System Data)
  • Historical Donation - add a historic donation to the donor’s record if it is not showing up
  • Merge - merge the donor with another donor if there are duplicate records (this cannot be undone)
  • Delete - allows you to delete the donor record if there are no records associated with the donor