Track Login History

Written by Nick Miles

Last published at: September 12th, 2019

View real-time information, and historical data, related to each user login attempt.

  1. Select Users from the Home page.
  2. Select Login Log.
  3. The Login Log will display the following information:


    • Timestamp - the time in which a user attempts to log into the system
    • User - the name of the user who logged in
    • IP Addr - IP Address
    • Login - if the user successfully logged in
    • 2Factor - if the user who attempted to login has two-factor authentication
    • Logout - if the user logged out
    • Lockedout - if the user was locked out of the system due to too many login attempts
    • Error Msg - error message that was displayed to the user, such as Invalid Password, or Expired Password
    • Proxy - proxy login by an employee of Foundant Technologies
    • Proxy Who - name of the Foundant Technologies employee who accessed your site
    • Region - the state where the user was located at the time of login
    • Country - the country where the user was located at the time of login
    • ISP - internet service provider
    • Lat - latitude
    • Long - longitude