Locked Out*

Written by Dana Kinsey

Last published at: April 14th, 2022

Users will be locked out of the system after five (5) tries if they do not type the correct password. They will get a warning on the login page, and, if they have an email on their record, they will also get an email. 

The email subject says "Account locked out" and the email states;

"Your account on cf.fcsuite.com was locked out after too many bad password attempts. You will need someone to unlock your account."

To unlock the User account:

  • An Admin User at the foundation will need to login to the system
  • From the Home page, find Users in the Core column
  • Choose Users
  • Select the hyperlinked User ID number (eg. 1007)
  • In the User data, you will see Yes next to Locked Out
  • Choose the red Unlock from the left side of  your screen to unlock the User account

  • Now the User can try their password again if they know it 
  • If the User cannot remember their password you can choose Password Change (the User will need to change their password on the next login) or you can re-set it for them by choosing Set Password (you pick the password) from the left side of the screen.