Users & Groups

Written by Nick Miles

Last published at: April 14th, 2022

Users are the people who have access to the back-end of your CommunitySuite system. Generally, an employee, a board member, an intern, a volunteer - are all users. Anyone who needs access to the system must have a user account created for them.

How It Works

Your system adminstrator will need to create User accounts for each person at your foundation that will be using CommunitySuite. Once added, you'll need to assign each user to at least one Group. Groups allow you to manage and configure permissions for your staff. CommunitySuite comes with four default users groups:

  • Admin - has access to everything in the system.
  • Accounting - has access to  everything except creating new users, setting passwords or altering permissions for Users or User Groups
  • Audit - has read-only access to everything. Designed for an external auditor - for example, you can create a user with read-only access for your annual audit.
  • Staff - has access to most items. Read-only access to users, bank reconcile, payment processors, accounts payable, checks and accounts.

Additional user groups can be created to further segment and manage your staff.


  • Login Log - view real-time information, and historical data, related to each user login attempt.
  • Map - view a geographic map of where each login took place.
  • Set Password - Sets a users password
  • Password Change - Marks that a user needs to change their password on their next login
  • Log - Displays a log of the activity within the user page
  • Login - The user's login information
  • Login As - Allows an administrator to log in as a user. This can be disabled for certain users through the permissions on the user page. 
  • Make Inactive - Makes a user inactive and disables their capability to login