Knowledge Base to Support Hub Transition FAQ

Written by James Meyers

Last published at: September 14th, 2021


Previously, Foundant's knowledge base has been accessible via the following links:

In the past, we've encouraged you to bookmark the relevant homepage link(s) and any article links as desired so that you can efficiently access them as needed. With the migration to our new Support Hub, the above links (and any links to specific articles you've saved) are changing, so any bookmarks you've created will need to be changed as well.

Below are the new links for accessing our Support Hub:


Managing Bookmarks

Here are several resources referring to different browser types and how to manage bookmarks within those browsers: 

We recommend that you visit the relevant links for our new Support Hub, then create new bookmarks for those pages. You can also access specific articles in the Support Hub and bookmark those pages as well.


Important Dates

Below are some important dates relating to the transition between our knowledge bases:

  • September 15th - Date the new Support Hub goes fully live!
  • December 31st - Date when the old links will no longer function.



Am I still going to be able to chat with support from the Support Hub? 

  • Yes! You can start a chat with our support team from the Support Hub or from the Foundant Help Menu while working in your site. 

Will I still be able to find old articles I had specifically bookmarked?

  • If you had an article specifically bookmarked from the old knowledge base, you will need to find it in the Support Hub and bookmark it there.
    • For example, if I had this version of Site Data Settings article bookmarked in the old knowledge base, I would need to go to this version of the Site Data Settings article and bookmark it instead. 

Will you still be updating the old knowledge base until it becomes unavailable?

  • We will focus our efforts on updating and adding articles into our new Support Hub instead of our old knowledge base. 


 Knowledge Base to Support Hub Transition FAQ