Campaign Auctions*

Written by Reina Gallion

Last published at: February 8th, 2021

Add an auction to a campaign by: 

  1. Accessing the applicable campaign
  2. If it does not have a fund listed, click edit in the left side menu
  3. Add a fund to the campaign
  4. Clicking Add Auction in the left side menu
  5. On the auction page click edit in the left side menu
  6. Add the revenue account that will recognize the donation and click save
  7. Returning to the Auction page, begin adding the items that will be included in the auction by clicking add item in the left side menu
    • Enter the:
      • item name
      • item value
      • starting bid
      • bid increment
      • item description
    • Then click create
    • Repeat these steps until all items are added to the auction

Once the item winner is determined, click add winner to select the profile of the item winner then enter the winning bid amount. 

After winners are entered, process payments by:

  • Clicking Checkout in the left side menu. 
  • Click pay next to the applicable auction result, then enter the payment method. 
  • Finally select create donation/invoice

The value of the item will be processed and posted as a payment against an automatically created invoice. Any amount over the item value will be processed and posted as a donation, which is also automatically created.