Add Guests from the System Backend*

Written by Dana Kinsey

Last published at: April 14th, 2021

After selling a ticket or tickets to a Campaign, you can Add a Guest.

  • Go to the Campaign and find the person, household or organization that purchased the Ticket on your Invited Donors list - they are listed alphabetically by last name or organization first letter.

  • Under the Tickets column you will see the following options

    • [+] select this to add another ticket

    • A number this is the number of tickets purchased under the Donors' name

    • [add guest] allows you to add a guest that is going to attend the Event

When you select [add guest] you will see the "Add Donor Campaign Guest" page. On this page, the Donor who purchased the ticket will be listed, along with the Campaign title.

Depending on the guest, you can add them to the purchased ticket one of three ways.

  1. Add the Ticket Purchaser/Donor - Select the hyperlinked donor name (this is the ticket purchaser) under Add the Donor As A Guest section, you will see something like this, "Doe, John is going to attend" OR

  2. Begin typing the name of a Profile under the Search Existing Individual Profiles section and select the Profile to invite them as a guest OR

  3. If the Guest is not the ticket purchaser nor are they in your system as a Profile, you will need to type in the Guest details in the Add Guest Information section - at a minimum, a first name is required. The guest will be added without creating a profile but they will be tied to the Campaign and the ticket as a Guest.