Event Registration*

Written by Dana Kinsey

Last published at: May 1st, 2019

Create an Event ticket with no charge in Campaigns to allow online registration. Donors and the public can register for an event, workshop or campaign with or without a financial transaction.

To create a Free or No Charge Event:

  • Create a Campaign
  • Make the ticket price $0
  • Check the Online Ticket checkbox if you wish it to be a no charge event and make it available online for registration
  • Choose Save when done

When people go to your Online Donations Page they can register by selecting the Campaign under Event Tickets and then they can "checkout". The total charge will be $0 and you will see their contact information and their guests. Notice that the system will indicate that they RSVP'd.

For example, one person submits a registration for two tickets, this will show up in your campaign as two (2) RSVPs and as two (2) Tickets and no invoices will be created.