Private Events or Campaigns*

Written by Dana Kinsey

Last published at: May 1st, 2019

You can create a closed event or Campaign with a unique URL that you can share with select invitees.

Set a Campaign as 'Private" so only people who have the direct URL will be able to register.

  • Select a Campaign
  • Pick Edit from the left
  • Select the online tickets checkbox
  • Select the private campaign checkbox
  • Fill out the applicable details of the event or campaign
  • Pick Save when done

The system will generate a unique URL or web address

  • You can copy and send the URL via email to those you wish to invite

The URL will take the invitees to the Private Registration page online. 


  • When you pick the Online Tickets checkbox the event will immediately show up on your Online Donations Portal, so be sure to check Private Campaign checkbox if it is a Private Event.
  • A Private Event will NOT be available on the public Event Tickets page, access and ticket sales will only be available by going to the unique URL or via the backend by staff.