Reports for Campaigns*

Written by Dana Kinsey

Last published at: May 9th, 2019

Once a Campaign is created you can see how many Profiles were invited, how many of your invitee's RSVP'd and how many purchased tickets and, eventually, how many attended (after the event occurs). 

From the Home page, select Campaigns

  • Choose the Group ID number of the campaign from the left column in the Campaigns table
  • Look in the Invited Donors table for the number next to Invited, RSVP, Tickets and Attended column titles for a total

Associated Ticket sales, Donations and Vouchers for products and services can be tagged to a Campaign, once tagged they will show up in any related financial reports. 

These actions and reports can be found on the left-hand menu of a selected Campaign or Event.

  • Ticket Report - If any tickets have sold you will see Ticket Report link, select it to how many tickets were sold, when and for how much.
  • Guest List - If anyone RSVPs or Attends an Event or a Campaign the system will generate a list with name, contact info, and request information
  • Export Email- (all, based on profiles). Creates a list users can copy and paste into an email.
  • Export RSVP Emails- Creates a list you can copy and paste into an email.
  • Mailing Labels- Creates address labels for Avery 5160/5260.
  • Mailing Label CSV- Downloads a CSV file of mailing label data.
  • Export CSV- Downloads a list of all the data related to the Event to your desktop.
  • Donations- All Ticket sales over the ticket value + Donations made as a result of a Campaign. Make sure any donations generated by the Campaign are tagged when entered.
  • Invoices- To see the total amount recorded as Campaign revenue from Ticket sales (based on the ticket value).  You will need to assign any invoices or payments related to the Event for them to populate this report.
  • Income Statement- reflects total revenue