Financial Reports Overview

Written by Nick Miles

Last published at: July 6th, 2021

Within Financials, you can access the following Reports: 

  • Balance Sheet (Statement of Financial Position): Shows Assets, Liabilities and Equity based on the balance of each account on a single date for the foundation as a whole by default. This report can be configured to show balances by individual fund, fund types, fund groups, year over year comparisons, etc.
  • Income Statement (Statement of Activities): Shows Revenue and Expense Accounts for a time period for the foundation as a whole by default. This report also allows for configurations to specific funds, fund groups, etc.
  • Cash Flow: Shows the net change over a period for each asset, liability and equity account.
  • Cash Balance: Allows you to run a comparative balance sheet. After selecting a date range, change the view of the report to month, quarter or year to compare account balances.
  • Audit Report: Allows you to see the change in fund balance from one date’s beginning balance to the ending balance and the total amounts that make up the change grouped by account type (Income, Investment Income, Other Income, Support, Expense, Other Expense, Payroll Expense, and Program).
  • Fund Balance: This report shows a fund’s total fund balance, as well as any principal and spendable portions by fund group. If you’ve set the restrictions (PR [Permanently Restricted], TR [Temporarily Restricted, U [Unrestricted]) on each fund, you’ll also see balances broken into each balance.
  • Trial Balance: Shows the total debit and credit balances for each account on a given day.
  • Detail Trial (Detail Trial Balance): Shows the beginning balance, total debits, total credits and ending balance of each account over a date range.
  • Underwater (Fund Underwater Report): This report subtracts the principal balance of a fund from the total balance of a fund, to calculate the underwater amount. Funds are only listed in this report if their underwater amount is negative.
  • Func Expense (Statement of Functional Expenses): This report will show you the amounts of expenses by both their natural classification and their functional classification. 
  • Investment (Investment Report): This report will display data account by account based on the investment level. The investment level can be set by editing the account. From the investment report you will see beginning and ending investment balance, all revenue share activity, deposits, and withdrawals.