Financial Reports Overview

Within Financials, you can access the following Reports: 

  • Balance Sheet (Statement of Financial Position) - Shows Assets, Liabilities and Equity (based on the balance for a single date for funds, fund types, fund groups, year over year, month, year, future).
  • Income Statement (Statement of Activities) - Shows Revenue and Expense Accounts for a date range (allows total, budget, fund budget, year, quarter, month, day, fund, fund type, fund group reports).
  • Cash Flow - Shows a change in the balance for A, L, OE (based on total, year, quarter, month, day, fund, fund type or fund group).
  • Cash Balance - Shows balance for date ranges for A, L, OE.
  • Audit Report - Documents foundation balances (shows the beginning, investment income(R), support(R), equity, administration(E), program(E) and ending).
  • Fund Balance - Shows the total balance, principal balance and the spendable balance for specified Funds. It also displays the amounts in each fund that are Unspecified (None)/Permanently restricted (PR)/Unrestricted (U)/Total/Principal/Spendable/Available.
  • Trial Balance - Shows the total amounts by account. You can view the debits and credits that make up totals for all the line items in your Chart of Accounts.
  • Detail Trial - Shows detail on all transactions.
  • ROI (Return on Investment) - Shows Investment Assets, the beginning balance, the change in the balance and the resulting ROI percentage over the selected time period.

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