Audit Report (Archived)*

Written by Dana Kinsey

Last published at: May 13th, 2019

The Audit Report shows the Fund Balance Change in a table with the Beginning Investment Income total, Support (total donations/grants), Administration fee total, Other Expenses, Program Expenses (like grants/scholarships paid out) and the Ending Balance for each Fund. This report is the same as a Columnar Report. It includes totals for all income and expenses. 

  • Go to Financials 
  • Select Audit Report from the left menu

The Audit Report will give beginning and ending balances for the calendar year, a fiscal year, a month, current year or a custom time frame

  • Select the dates of the report
  • Add "financial filters" to sort the data as needed

This "Fund Balance Change" report will show Fund Balances, including Contributions in the Support (R) column and Grants in Program (E) column with total amounts at the bottom of the page. The Audit Report sorts by Fund Group name, while Fund Type (TR, PR, U) has its own column. 

Example Audit Report for Unrestricted Funds

The Audit Report can be exported into Excel as a CSV file by selecting Export or Print. The file will download automatically and you can open it up in another window in your browser.