Balance Sheet*

Written by Dana Kinsey

Last published at: May 1st, 2019

The Balance Sheet or Statement of Financial Position shows Assets,Liabilities and Equity (based on the balance for a single date for funds, fund types, fund groups, year over year, month, year, future). Some describe the balance sheet as a "snapshot" of the organizations' financial position at a point in time.

For example, the amounts reported on a balance sheet dated December 31, 2015, reflect that instant when all the transactions through December 31 have been recorded.
The balance sheet shows what an organization has (assets) as well as what it owes (liabilities) to other parties as of a specific date.

  • Go to Financials to view a balance sheet 
  • Select Balance Sheet from the lefthand menu

Choose any date, month, quarter or year

  • Choose Show Detail from the left-side menu to get more detail about the Assets, Liabilities and Equity
  • Select Show SubAcct from the lefthand side of the screen to get information on internal or interfund grants and transfers.

Use the middle drop-down menu at the top to show customized financial views.

Select the top right drop-down menu to select the mode of reporting such as total balance (default), ftype for unrestricted (U), temporarily restricted (TR), permanently restricted (PR) funds, fgroup is short for fund group - it shows the funds by group, yoy is year over year, year for your fiscal year, or future forecasting.