Fund Balance*

Written by Dana Kinsey

Last published at: May 1st, 2019

Fund Balance is a report in Financials that shows the total, the principal and the spendable balance for specified Funds.  The balances are initially set up during your implementation.

This data will show you the Fund, Fund Group (eg. Fiscal sponsorship, Unrestricted, Agency, etc). The columns include Permanently Restricted (PR), Temporarily Restricted (TR), Unrestricted (U), plus the total for the Fund, as well as the asset amount in the Principal balance and the Spendable.

You may apply different filters from the top of the page to narrow the results.

  • Go to Financials from the Home page
  • Select Fund Balance from the left side of the screen
  • Choose a date range

A basic report will show you the Fund Group, the individual Funds, the Total amount in the Fund and it will break out the amounts into the various restrictions you set up for each Fund as well as the Principle and Spendable amounts. If no restrictions are set up for a Fund you will see a column labeled ZZ.

  • Pick [add filter] from the top of the screen to narrow down your results using Filters

Be sure when you run the Fund Balance report you select the correct dates. You can choose [edit] next to the date to change the date or date range. 

To clear any Financial Filters, choose [delete] at the top of the page.