Run a Financial Report using Financial Views*

Written by Dana Kinsey

Last published at: May 1st, 2019

After creating one or more “Financial Views” you can use the view in Financial Reports. A Financial report generated using Financial Views is generally more streamlined.

  • Click Financials along the top menu or from the Core section of the Home screen.
  • Select the type of financial report you want to run from the left side menu

On the left side menu of the Financials page, there are links to run various financial reports. When looking at a Balance Sheet, Income Statement (Statement of Activities), Cash Flow, Cash Balance, Trial Balance, or Return on Investment (ROI)  - you will see a drop-down menu called “View,” this drop-down will be located at the top center.

  • Set the Dates or select the time period you’d like reflected in the report.
  • Once your report is generated, use the View drop-down located at the top center for all of the report.
  • Your report will regenerate reflecting the information per the view you selected.

You will also see an option to add a Financial Filter (if applicable) by choosing [add filter] before selecting the Financial View.