Create a Fund

  1. Navigate to Funds from the Homepage. 
  2. Click Create.
  3. At a minimum you must: 
    • Name the Fund.
    • Select a Fund Group.
      • If this is not populated you will need to create Fund Groups.
    • Select a Checking Account.
  4. Once all applicable fields are set, click Create at the bottom of the page.

Fields of Note:

  • Subof Fund - The fund selected will act as the parent fund. In your financial reports, the two funds will be rolled into one line item with the parent fund showing on the report.
  • Affiliate Fund -  This will recognize the Fund as a separate subordinate organization to the foundation.  
  • Grant Approval - Select at least 1 grant approver if you wish to create grants from this fund. 
  • Statement & Statement Interval - Gives you the ability to generate Fund statements.
  • Promote - Displays the Fund in your Donation Portal.
  • Admin Fee Reduces Spendable - This will reduce the spendable balance of a Fund based on the Admin Fee selected.

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