Edit a Fund

Written by Nick Miles

Last published at: December 16th, 2019
  1. Navigate to the Funds page.
  2. Click on the Fund ID of the desired Fund.
  3. Within the Fund window you can Add or Edit:
    • Distribution Types
      • To Add a Distribution Type to the Fund:
        • Click the Add button to add a Distribution Type. 
        • If more than one Distribution Type is listed, click Edit next to Distribution Type.
    • Admin Fee Types
      • To edit an Admin Fee Type:
        • Scroll down to Admin Fee Types.
        • Click the Add button to Add a new fee.
        • Click the Delete button to delete an existing fee. 
    • Investment Accounts:
      • To edit your Investment Account(s):
        • Scroll down to Investment Account. 
        • Click Edit next to Investment Account.
        • Once Edits have been made, click Save. 
  4. To edit additional Fund Fields and Settings, select Edit from the left-side menu.
  5. Once all edits have been made, click Save.