Fund Statement Template Format

The purpose of a Fund Statement Format is to:

  • Assign which sections are pulled into your Fund Statement Template.
  • Determine how the data in each section is sorted.

To create a Fund Statement Format:

  1. Go to Funds.
  2. Select Fund Statements from the-left menu.
  3. Click Formats from the left-side menu.
  4. In the Fund Statement Format window:
    • Enter a Name
    • Check or uncheck the box next to Include YTD to include a year-to-date- column in your Fund Statement Template.
    • Click the drop-down arrow to the right of Template to select a Fund Statement Template.
    • Check the Default box to use the Fund Statement Format for Funds that do not have a format defined.
      • Leave this field blank if you plan to upload multiple Fund Statement Templates and create unique formats for each one. 
      • You can only have one Default. We recommend that you use the Example Fund Statement as your Default template.
    • Check the box next to Include Sub-Funds to roll sub-funds into a master fund for this template.
    • Check the box next to Use Statement Accounts to apply Statement Accounts to the Fund Statement Format.
    • Print Copy for Each Advisor - checking this box tells the system to print a fund statement for each advisor on the fund.
      • Please note that in the Fund Advisor record, Statement Type must be set to Paper. If Statement Type is set to Online, a paper statement will not generate for the Fund Advisor.
  5. In the Sections window, check the box next to each Section used in your Fund Statement Template.
    • Example: If you used the {{/foreach distributions}} merge field in your template, you would select Distributions in the Sections list.
  6. For each Section Sort Order, use the Sort By drop-down and Ascending/Descending buttons to define how the section is sorted.
  7. Click Save

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