Link a Donor to a Fund

Written by Dana Kinsey

Last published at: September 14th, 2021

Funds with linked donors restricts the fund from having donations imported. If you wish to restrict a fund to only accept donations from a particular donor, like a DAF, you will need to link the donor to the fund.

  • Go to the Funds page and select the fund which the donor(s) can contribute to.
  • On the left-side menu click Link Donor.
  • Search for and select the donor.
  • The donor is now linked to the fund and can contribute. The Linked Donors section on the Fund page shows all donors linked to the fund.

    Linked Donors does not limit donations to the fund from other donors. Other donors can still donate through the online portal or by entering the donation in CommunitySuite manually. However, it does limit being able to import donations, even for the donor that is linked.

  • You may link more than one donor to the fund (ie. another foundation) by following the same process. 
  • On the Funds page, the Linked Donors table will show funds that are listed as Private which will not show up on your online funds list to accept donations.
  • Unlink a donor by selecting [unlink] next to their name in the Linked Donors table.
  • To link a fund to a profile click Link Fund in the left-side menu on a profile.
  • Enter the fund then click Create.