Link a Donor to a Fund*

Written by Dana Kinsey

Last published at: May 1st, 2019

If you wish to restrict a Fund to only accept donations from a particular donor, like a DAF, you will need to link the Donor to the Fund. Funds with linked donors will not be visible for donations online.

  • Go to Funds to select the Fund which the Donor(s) can contribute to
  • On the left-hand menu you will see Link Donor, choose it
  • Select the Donor by typing the name in the text box
  • Select the Donor name
  • The Donor will now be linked to the Fund and able to contribute, find them listed under Linked Donors when viewing the Fund page
  • You may also Link more than one Donor to the Fund (ie. another Foundation)

This is a helpful feature for funds that are listed as Private because they will not show up on your online Funds list to accept donations.

You may Link more than one Donor to the Fund or easily unlink a donor by selecting [unlink] next to their name.